December 7, five people were detained in Simferopol, on Baturin's street by the staff of the Russian Special Rapid Response Team.

According to sources, the detainees were lied down on the ground handcuffed.

“On the ground, near the GAZelles of law enforcement, three handcuffed detainees are lying. The detainees were dragged out from a car. One was detained near private homeownership. One person ran up the Russkaya street towards Balaklava Street, followed by several law enforcers, he was also detained,” our source informed.

According to eyewitnesses, all detainees are young people. The car of the detained is parked on the sidewalk in Baturin Street.

Apparently, the GAZelles blocked their way to the Russkaya street.

Earlier, during a press conference held in Kyiv on December 7, the Head of the advocacy center of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union Boris Zakharov said that the Russian intelligence services were provoking Crimean Tatars for violent resistance.

 QHA also reported that the occupants are creating a situation in the Crimea that makes it impossible for Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians opposing the Russian Federation to reside on the peninsula.

Earlier that same day it became known that the Alushta "court" in the occupied Crimea summoned one of the participants of single pickets on October 14, Ebubekir Ziyadinov, as a person being prosecuted.