May 6, a rally under the slogan "Enough of Putin" was held in Moscow, UNIAN reported referring to its own correspondent in Russia.

Several thousand people gathered on Sakharov Avenue, the police surrounded the scene with metal barriers and let people in only after a personal inspection.

The organizers dedicated the rally to the fifth anniversary of the protests on May 6, 2012 in Moscow, which took place on the eve of the inauguration of Russian President Putin and resulted in the conviction of dozens of Russians for unconditional prison sentences.

All the participants of the action received badges "5 years of Bolotnaya" (Protest "March of the Millions" on May 6, 2012 on the Bolotnaya square in Moscow).

Many people hold flags of opposition parties and movements of the Russian Federation.

Also, an activist Ildar Dadin is present at the rally. He noted that the action is also aimed at stopping the aggression of the Putin regime against Ukraine.

"I feel that the fault for the blood spilled by my country in Ukraine lies on my conscience as a Russian citizen who could not prevent it," Dudin stated, holding the flag of Ukraine at the rally.

Earlier, on April 29, the Russians held rallies calling on Vladimir Putin not to participate in the presidential election in 2018. In Moscow, the action against Putin under the slogan "Tired" was held without disturbing public order and detentions.

PHOTO: Interne