Outside the Russian Embassy in Ankara and Istanbul, a group of Turkish citizens staged a protest in support of civilians in Aleppo and against the barbaric actions of Russia in Syria, according to the AA.

The initiators and participants of the rally were the social networks users and the Turkish citizens indifferent to the Syrian issue. First of all the protesters opposed the attacks against peaceful population of Aleppo. The crowd chanted slogans condemning China, Iran and Russia for their support for the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

The protesters accused the official Moscow in the murder of civilians in the besieged Syrian city and the use of banned chemical weapons on the territory of Syria.

Protesters dispersed only after insistent demands of law enforcement officials.

Earlier QHA reported that, in connection with the International Human Rights day December 10 the Society for Culture and Mutual Aid of the Crimean Tatars organized a protest in Istanbul against human rights abuses in Crimea, the pressure on the Crimean Tatar people and the illegal annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula by Russia.

PHOTO: AA, Twitter