Law enforcement agencies have detained a Mariupol resident, who was involved in the terrorist seizure of the city council and helped the separatists in the spring and the summer of 2014. The detainee’s name is not disclosed, the only thing that is known is that it is a young 24 years man.

Once his identity was established and guilt proved in absentia, he was declared wanted. A few days later the man was detained in Mariupol, where he hoped to hide from justice. The accused says he was "baffled by pro-Russian propaganda".

From the earliest days of the "Russian Spring" a man turned out to be among that part of Mariupol citizens who sided with the terrorists. When the City Council was seized, the young man served as a guard at the posts the separatists put out around the building. He was given a firearm and was appointed chief of the mobile walking group.

After Ukraine regained control over the city, the accused went into hiding for a long time. Now the law enforcement officers have irrefutable evidence of his involvement in the crimes, and he won’t escape from the punishment.

According to the data provided by a Police Statistical Department, over the year the identities of 305 terrorists’ supporters have been established. Half of them have already been detained, while the others are either wanted or convicted in absentia.

Photo: Internet