April 10, 1883 the first Crimean Tatar newspaper Terciman (Translator), founded by the Crimean Tatar educator Ismail Gasprinsky was published. Since, 2011, April 10 is celebrated as the Day of Crimean Tatar Journalism.

Today marks the 135 years from the first issue of the Crimean Tatar newspaper.

"Terciman" is the first newspaper in the Crimean Tatar language in the history, which covered the political, economic and cultural spheres of the Crimean Tatar people’s life.

The newspaper was published until 1918 and was in fact the printed organ of the Turkic-speaking population of the Russian Empire. For a long time this publication was the only Turkic-speaking periodical in Russia, and from the 20th century it was considered the oldest Muslim newspaper in the world. It spread not only in Russia, but also in Persia, China, Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria, France, Switzerland and the USA.

Today, on April 10 a round table dedicated to the 135th anniversary of the first issue of the Crimean Tatar newspaper Terciman was held in the building of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine. The event was also dedicated to the Crimean Tatar Journalism Day on the theme: "The history of the development of the Crimean media and current state of freedom of speech in the occupied Crimea ". Journalists and human rights activists discussed the situation with freedom of speech in the occupied Crimea at the event.