More than 54% of Crimean citizens and 58% of Sevastopol habitants supported the independence of Ukraine in the all-Ukrainian referendum on December 1st, 1991. Therefore, these official data were declared after the results of counting the votes. It is important to remind about that today, to the 25th anniversary of this historical event.

Thus, in Crimean ASSR 1, 03 million of people or 67% of voters took part in the referendum. From which 54,1% of the voters responded “Yes” to the question, “Whether do you confirm Ukraine`s Declaration of Independence?” and 42, 2 % of the voters responded “No” to the same question. From the 63% of voters turnout in Sevastopol, 57% responded “Yes” to supporting the Independence, and 39% of the voters answered “No”.
Interestingly, the percentage of opposition to Independence 25 years ago was equal to the supporters of so-called referendum in 2014 from almost one third of the voter turnout.

In this regard we should mention, that after a so-called referendum on the annexation of Crimea into the Russian Federation on March 16, 2014, the member of Parliament Mustafa Dzhemilev reported that Russia circulates falsified information, in fact, only 34, 2% of Crimean citizens participated in the referendum. According to him, Mejlis had the information that occupants sent to the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation who needed to see the real picture, not propaganda used by the Kremlin.

In fact, the dynamics of recent 25 years shows that there is an increasing number of proponents against Crimea being a part of Ukraine. It becomes evident while comparing the number of Crimean citizens, who voted in the referendum in March 2014 for the integration of Crimea into the Russian Federation (according to Dzhemilev, 34%), and those who voted against the Independence of Ukraine in 1991 (42%). Therefore, the number of pro-independence citizens in Ukraine over that time has decreased by 10% and in fact it had never exceeded 50%.

It is also important to mention that the whole world admitted the occupation referendum 2014 as illegitimate and ‘de jure’ Crimea is considered a part of Ukraine.

The results of the voting in all-Ukrainian referendum on the independence of Ukraine of December 1, 1991. In percent there is a number of voters in regions, who voted for the independence.

It is worth mentioning that in the Ukrainian referendum in December 1991 most of the citizens of Donetsk and Luhansk regions voted “yes” for the independence of Ukraine.

In Donetsk regions on a referendum voted 2, 5 million of people or 76% of voters. “Yes” to the question “Whether do you confirm Ukraine`s Declaration of Independence?” replied 83, 9% of voters who took a part in a voting and “No” – 12, 5%.

In Luhansk region, 1, 4 million of people or 80% of voters took part in the referendum from which 83, 8% voted for the independence and 13% against.
These numbers disrupt the Russian propaganda that reports about pro-Ukrainian sentiments on East of Ukraine.

Inquiry: Ukrainian referendum 1991 – nationwide referendum on the territory of the former USSR about the proclamation of the independence of Ukraine which was conducted on the first of December 1991. The referendum had only one question – “Whether do you confirm Ukraine`s Declaration of Independence?”  From which 28, 0004000 (or 90, 32%) Ukrainians answered in the affirmation to this question among 31 million and 891 thousand citizens who took a part in voting.

The text of Ukraine`s Declaration of Independence was approved by the Verkhovna Rada on August 24, 1991 after the failure of putsch of the State Committee on the State of Emergency in Moscow.

The Independence of Ukraine was supported in all 27 administrative regions of the country; 24 regions in one autonomous republic and two towns which had special status (Kyiv and Sevastopol).

December 2, 1991, Poland and Canada recognized the independence of Ukraine. By the end of January 1992, 91 countries recognized the independence of Ukraine.

By Tatiana Ivanevitch.

Picture and reference information: Wikipedia