Week-long evacuation of the civilian population and the Syrian opposition from the eastern districts of Aleppo blocked by the Bashar al-Assad's regime was completed, the AA reports.

At the same time the evacuation was finished in the settlements Fouaa and Kefray in the Idlib province, controlled by the Syrian opposition.
Over the past three days 3.5 thousand people have been evacuated from Aleppo. Since the start of the operation (December 15) hundreds of thousands cars and buses evacuated almost 45 thousand people.

The next stage is the transportation of 1,500 people from the regime besieged cities Madayya and Eze-Zabadani (Damascus).

Together with the completion of the evacuation process in the eastern districts of Aleppo, Bashar al-Assad announced the return of full control over the destroyed city:

“This is a major step towards eliminating terrorism throughout the Syrian territory and to ensure the conditions to find a solution and end the war,” the President of Syria said.

December 15, in connection with the cease-fire in Syria, the operation was held to evacuate civilians from the destroyed Aleppo to a city of Idlib controlled by Syrian opposition.

Aleppo is the second largest Syrian city after Damascus, which is located 40 kilometers from the Turkish border. The western part of the city is under the control of the Bashar al-Assad regime, the East was under the control of Syrian opposition. The civil war in the country began in March 2011 with the shooting of peaceful protesters by military personnel. Russian Air Forces, as an ally of the repressive regime of Bashar al-Assad, systematically carried out air strikes on the alleged positions of the Syrian opposition in eastern Aleppo, destroying and civilians.

Photo: Internet