Representatives of the unregistered 'Other Russia' party have thrown smoke bombs on the Ukrainian embassy in Moscow early on Monday.

The incident comes a day after masked protesters rioted outside the Russian Embassy in Kyiv on June 14 in reaction to the downing of a military plane in Luhansk that killed 49 Ukrainian soldiers.

The protesters, some wielding crowbars, smashed and overturned cars parked outside the building and threw stones, eggs and green paint at its windows. The Russian tricolor flag was taken down and replaced with a blue-and-yellow Ukrainian flag.

“We’ve had enough of Ukrainians dying at Russian hands. We want to remind Russians that this is not their place,” said 28-year-old Evgeniy, who was wearing a mask and was using a crowbar to break the doors of one of the parked cars. He declined to reveal any group affiliation. One of the protesters said “we are activists fighting for our country”, according to KyivPost.