Lawyer Lilya Gemedzhi said that a search in the house of Crimean Tatar activist Nariman Memedeminov was conducted with a gross violation of procedural legislation, the human rights organization Crimean Solidarity reported on Facebook.

The human rights activist noted that the activist was not explained his rights and obligations and was not given an opportunity to contact a lawyer.

“Nariman was not explained his rights and obligations, was not given the opportunity to contact a lawyer. Thus, he was deprived of the right to defense," she said.

Gemedzhi stressed that it remains unknown what they were looking for in the house of the Crimean Tatar activist.

“Nariman's phone, his wife's phone and flash drive with music records from the car were confiscated.”

She went on saying that the arrest of Nariman Memedeminov is pressure on activists.

"We consider this search and this case initiated against Nariman Memedeminov as pressure on Crimean activists, as pressure in general on the platform of the Crimean Solidarity in order to silence those disagreeable, so that the information is not spread in the media, which is unsuitable for today's authorities. This is another trumped-up case," she noted.

Reporteedly, on March 23 in the occupied Crimea a meeting of the "court" will be held to consider the measure of restraint against Nariman Memedeminov. Emil Kurbedinov noted that the invaders conducted a search in the house of Nariman Memedeminov to "drown out civil journalism" in the occupied Crimea.

QHA reported that, a search was conducted in the house of Nariman Memedeminov in the village of Kholmovka in the Bakhchysarai district this morning. Security forces cordoned off not only the house of the activist, but the whole street, and after the search, they took Memedeminov to Simferopol.

Earlier, the security forces already searched the house of the Crimean Tatar on February 11, 2016. Then the activist was fined 10 thousand rubles.