On July 27, a charity auction to support Ukrainian political prisoners started in Kyiv. The aim of the campaign is to collect 140,000 UAH for the purchase of gifts to Kremlin's prisoners and it is held under the non-working name “My house is not on the edge”, one of the organizers, the former political prisoner Gennady Afanasiev said at the briefing.

“Our goal is to give gifts to all our guys who are in prison in Russia today. We have to collect one hundred thousand and forty thousand hryvnias. Only one transfer costs three thousand”, the co-organizer of the action Sergey Mokrenuk said.

Most of the lots are dozen embroidered paintings made by a woman from Crimea. The artist gave her pictures through her son to Gennady Afanasiev. The initial price of the lot is 500 hryvnias (UAH). The collected funds will be sent for gifts to all 48 Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia.

In addition to the embroidered paintings, two more lots have been announced at the auction. They are: a painting of Kyiv artist and a trip to Prague for 2 days, accompanied by a professional guide.
Food and some symbolic things, such as mugs with the trident (the state coat of arms of Ukraine), souvenirs, will be sent  for political prisoners first of all. Religious attributes, for example, rugs for making namaz will be added for Muslims, instead of prohibited products, the organizers note.

“You know, religion is very supportive there, it unites people. Therefore, we want to support the Muslims with what is closer to them. And want to send simple mugs with a trident to our guys so that they can drink tea or coffee from them. Such certain moments will cheer them up”, Gennady Afanasiev said.

The legendary commander Oleh Kuzminyh, "cyborg", who had been captured by militants, also came to support the action. Now he is a co-founder of the Charity Fund of the Brothers Kuzminyh.

“There are 134 of our captive brothers in so-called “DNR”, “LNR” and in Russia today. They can already be called political prisoners, because they became hostages to the political situation that President Vladimir Putin had arranged. Therefore, I could not ignore this action. As people did not forget me, I want them not to be forgotten also,” he added.

Due to unfavorable weather conditions, the meeting with former political prisoners was postponed to August 13 at 18:00. Organizers invite all comers to join the charity event and to take part in the auction, which will be lasted until the collection of the necessary amount of 140 thousand UAH.

It should be noted that the quality and beauty of the paintings cannot be expressed through the photos. In addition, artworks can be selected and purchased in the event group, organizers are planning to arrange “home auctions”.

Gennady Afanasiev reported later, that they managed to collect 1700 UAH for the first evening.

You can help to political prisoners now:

PrivaBank: 5167 9855 6006 4883 

Afanasieva Olga Gennadievna