The so-called Head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov proposed to introduce state regulation of prices on the territory of the occupied peninsula like it was in the Soviet Union, he told the "The first Crimean" TV channel reports, according to Kafanews.

“I believe that state regulation should be imposed  in Crimea for at least a certain period till the years 2019-2020, until we have brought all of our public life elements into compliance with the federal legislation, until we have large manufacturers of consumer goods here with normal free competition,” Aksenov said.

He went on saying that at present, a number of monopolists selling consumer goods overstate the sales prices in Crimea.

“This situation is very annoying not only for Crimeans, but also for tourists, and the introduction of state regulation of prices in Crimea from September 2016 to the 2019-2020 year can be a real way to solve this problem,” a Kremlin protege said.

The Crimean media reports about the rise in price of products on the market by 76% over the two years of occupation.

Photo: Internet