According to a new "decree" issued by the occupation authorities on December 16, the bailiffs of the Federal Bailiff Service are obliged to withdraw the administrative fines from the residents of Simferopol directly at their homes.

Thus, the "administration" of the Crimea is trying to step up the payment of fines, the total amount of which has exceeded RUB 5 million.

“This is a new form of work that will show the joint activities of the Federal Bailiff Service and municipalities to enhance the payment of fines.

People need to understand: as a result of joint raids the Federal Bailiff Service will use legal measures, including those related to property and limitations in terms of getting all sorts of documents,” Gennady Baharev, the so-called "head of Simferopol City Administration," explained the innovation of the occupants. 

Currently, Crimeans have only paid RUB 1,700 to the occupation "authorities" out of RUB 5 million of debt under administrative offensives.

The previous decision of the so-called head of the Simferopol Administration Bakharev was installing surveillance cameras near the monument to Taras Shevchenko, in order to prevent administrative violations in the form of "vandalism". Earlier Bakharev issued the "decree", under which the burying pets in the occupied Simferopol is considered to be an administrative offense.

Photo: Internet