April 4, during a session in Razdolnensky district court of Simferopol on the case against Ukrainian patriot Vladimir Baluh, the prosecution witness - an officer of the criminal investigation of Russian invaders Yevgeny Bobrov was questioned. The Crimean human rights group informed that it was the officer who allegedly found rounds of ammunition during a search in the activist's house.

Reportedly, the witness was unable to identify his legal status during the searches conducted by him. According to him, that day he was not on duty. Bobrov did not specify who gave him the order to conduct investigative actions in the house of Vladimir Baluh.

It was also revealed that not all the actions Bobrov carried out in the search, were included in the protocol. So, the witness "forgot" to indicate that he searched not only the attic, but also other premises of the activist's home.

Human rights activists say that Yevgeny Bobrov did not attend previous court hearings in the Baluch case.

Among other things, it turned out that it was Bobrov who removed the flag of Ukraine from the roof of the patriot's house. The witness could not answer the lawyer's question about what was the threat posed by the flag.

Earlier QHA reported that December 8, 2016, FSB officers in the annexed Crimea arrived in the village of Serebryanka, where they searched the houses of Vladimir Baluh and his mother. Following the search, the Ukrainian activist was detained for the possession of 90 rounds of ammunition and TNT blocks, allegedly found in the attic of his house.

March 2, the judge of the Razdolnensky District Court Maria Bedritskaya extended the detention term to Ukrainian activist Vladimir Baluh until June 4, 2017.  

Previously, in 2013, Vladimir Baluh placed a Ukrainian flag outside his home. April 30, 2015, the Crimean was visited by the Russian-controlled law enforcement officers. Then he was suspected of stealing parts from the T-74 tractor. However, Baluh refused to talk with representatives of the Federal Security Service and was in hiding for 11 days. At this time, law enforcement officials turned his house upside down as well as his mother's house and removed the flag of Ukraine.

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