UK will support Turkey’s bid to join the join the European Union despite its June 23 vote to leave the bloc, the U.K.’s foreign secretary said on Monday.

We may be leaving the European Union but we are not leaving Europe. We will help Turkey in any way, Boris Johnson said while on an official visit to Turkey.

Johnson also reassured Britain’s continued support in the wake of an attempted coup in July.

The U.K. will stand “shoulder-to-shoulder with Ankara, Johnson said.

Johnson praised Turkey for the "remarkable work" in the fight against the refugee crisis.

Also the Head of the British Foreign Office also of a Turkish washing machine, and undescored the importance of trade relations between the UK and Turkey.

It should be added that Johnson’s relationship with Ankara has not always been so friendly, reported the edition.

Earlier, Turkey's ambassador to the EU, Selim Enel in an interview with Die Welt said that Turkey hopes to join the EU by 2023.

Responding to the proposal by the Austrialian Chancellor Christian Kern to stop talks over Turkey’s entry to the EU in August Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu accused the Austrian authorities of the "radical racism". Following that, the Republic of Turkey has recalled its ambassador from Austria.