Patriarchal Publishing and Printing Center of Holy Trinity Sergius Lavra in Russia printed calendar for 2014 with images of Joseph Stalin. Professor of Russian State Humanitarian University Mikhail Babkin said this on LiveJournal, according to He posted photos of several calendar pages. According to information, the layout of the calendar was made by the publishing house ‘Dignity’; the calendar printed by Patriarchal printing center. Publishing house ‘Dignity’ is specializing in patriotic themes. Earlier it released several publications dedicated to Stalin, in particular calendar for 2013 with images of Stalin. At the same time the catalogue of the publishing house includes albums and calendars with images of shot by the Soviet regime Emperor Nikolay II and the royal family. During the times of Stalin’s regime, many Orthodox priests were persecuted; temples were destroyed. Among others, in 1931, by Stalin’s order the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow was blown up.