Canadian Foreign Minister urges to stop human rights violations and the suppression of freedom of expression in the occupied Crimea, according to the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada on Twitter.

In particular, Canada drew attention to the persecution of the journalist Nicholas Semeny on trumped up charges.

“Canada calls for charges against journalist Mykola Semena in illegally-annexed Crimea to be dropped.”

The Head of the Ministry Crystia Freeland expressed concern about the undermining of freedom of speech in the Crimea and called for the so-called Crimean "authorities" to ensure the protection of human rights on the peninsula in accordance with international law.

“Canada is deeply concerned about the repression of free speech in Crimea. The journalist Mykola Semena faces up to five years in prison for allegedly undermining of Russia’s territorial integrity.

Canada calls on the de facto Crimean authorities to ensure that human rights are protected in accordance with international law.”

Earlier, April 19, the pro-Russian "prosecutor" of Crimea Natalia Poklonskaya launched a criminal case against the journalist Nikolai Semena on charges of separatism and his articles.

April 28, after questioning and searches, he received the status of a suspect. However, Semena denies the allegations of the occupation authorities.

December 7th journalist Nikolai Semena, accused by Russian Federation of "separatism", was brought a final version of charge in 6 volumes.

January 20, 2017, Crimean law enforcement agencies  in Simferopol controlled by the invaders, handed the indictment to journalist Nikolai Semena. He faces up to 5 years in prison for incitement to "separatism" in Russia, which is supposedly traced in his publications.

Photo: Internet