The Military Prosecutor's Office of garrison of Chernihiv central region of Ukraine has sent to the court the indictment against two soldiers of a military unit, which was stationed in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea,” according to the Prosecutor's Office website.

“In March 2014, the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have not arrived from the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea to the points of dislocations in mainland Ukraine, and took the oath of allegiance to the Russian Federation. In addition, they have provided assistance to a foreign state in the capture of the military unit with all its assets,” the report says.

As noted, their actions are qualified under Part 1of Art. 111 (high treason) and Part 2 of Art. 408 (desertion with weapons or on preliminary arrangement by group of persons) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The indictment against the two colonels was sent to the Desnyansky District Court of Chernihiv for consideration on the merits.

Photo: Internet