After the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation rejected the appeal against the verdict to the Crimean political prisoner, member of the Revolution of Dignity in Kyiv Aleksander Kostenko, his defense intends to file a complaint on the fact of torture by FSB officers in the European Court of Human Rights, according to the lawyer Dmitry Sotnikov.
“Thus, all the tools of inner defence have been exhausted in the case against Kostenko charged with causing bodily harm to the  BMON "Berkut" employee for reasons of ideological hatred on the Independence Square in 2014 and possessing a remade stem from a gas pistol in his apartment! Now we will only fight for parole and for the recognition of Kostenko being tortured by FSB, which can allow the revision of the sentence due to newly discovered circumstances.
Also, as far as I know, Ukrainian Helsinki Human Right Union has already filed a complaint with the ECHR in defense of Kostenko” the lawyer said.
The Crimean Aleksander Kostenko took an active part in the protests on the Independence Square in Kyiv. After the annexation of Crimea, the occupation court sentenced him to four years and two months in prison. According to the investigation, February 18, 2014 during riots in Kyiv, Kostenko inflicted injuries to a Crimean employee of the special unit "Berkut".

At the end of February 2016 the Presidium of the Russian-controlled Supreme Court of Crimea considered an appeal by Kostenko’s protection and decided "to keep the court acts unchanged, to shorten term of imprisonment to three years and six months."
Photo: Internet