Civil association "Crimean solidarity" reported that Fatma Ismailova, the wife of political prisoner Rustem Ismailov,  published a message on her Facebook page about the inactivity of the employees of the Simferopol remand prison, which resulted in the collapse of a part of the ceiling in the cell:

“On Tuesday, December 26, 2017, ceiling collapsed in cell 68 on my husband, Rustem Ismailov, who has been detained in Simferopol remand center for more than a year. Fragment of the ceiling of about 1 sq. metre collapsed right on Rustem’s head !!

Thank God, Allah sukurler olsun, he is alive ... got off with scratches on his forehead, head and back. As a result, he and his cellmates were transferred to another cell, where there are 12 beds and 18 people.

What am I talking about?!?!? I mean that a person's life does not mean anything for the administration of the prison, because many times the accused claimed inadequate conditions to the leadership. After all, there is a charter, provision on conditions and security of the remand center, and in fact - they are not observed and moreover, they are neglected !!!!

Of course, we will not leave this incident just like that. We will take appropriate response measures in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation,"  Fatma Ismailova wrote.

Reportedly, a Ukrainian, illegally detained in Russia, Stanislav Klyh  has to sleep on the floor in the cell