In the annexed Crimea, several journalists of the Crimean Tatar newspaper Yañı dünya quit the publication along with the Editor-in-chief of the newspaper Zera Bekirova.
According to them, the reason for the dismissal was the censorship and constant pressure on the publication by the authorities.

Bekirova was reprimanded for participating in international scientific conferences.

“My trips to Turkey at scientific conferences have always caused a negative reaction of the authorities. Despite the fact that I traveled to the conference, taking a vacation at my own expense, I provided invitations and tickets, trips still ended with reprimands.”

According to her, at the conferences she presented reports on literature and folklore.

Bekirova has worked in the editorial office for more than 30 years. For six years, she was the Editor-in-chief. According to the staff, Zera Bekirova managed to increase the circulation of the newspaper. The publication under her leadership was conducting competitions and marathons for the preservation and development of the Crimean Tatar language.

Earlier, QHA reported that on August 7 in the annexed Crimea, Bilyal Bilyalov was dismissed from the post of director of the Crimean Tatar Academic Music and Drama Theater.

Soon the occupiers appointed the director of the Crimean Tatar Drama Theater of the former supply and maintenance manager - Medzhide Melgazyeva.

The appointment of Melgazyeva caused an outrage among the Drama Theater staff, because the woman has nothing to do with art.

Source: Crimean Tatars