On July 23, about 20 children aged from six months to 1.5 years old, diagnosed with poisoning, were admitted to the Vishnevsky hospital in Donetsk, occupied by the Russian-terrorist troops, the coordinator of the group "Information Resistance" (IR) Dmytro Tymchuk reported in Facebook.

“A large number of children (it was at least 20 children on 23.07), mainly at the age of 6 months up to 1.5 years old, are admitted to the Vishnevsky hospital (Central Clinical Hospital No.1) in Donetsk. The parents of the affected children called the poor-quality baby food as a cause of the poisoning. They said that this baby food is sold in the Donetsk trade networks and arrived as part of humanitarian aid from Russia ("humanitarian convoy")".

Earlier QHA reported that on June 15, Russia  unilaterally registered the next (66th) so-called "humanitarian convoy" to the occupied Donbas.

Reportedly, Russians brought weapons and ammunition under the guise of “humconvoy” instead of the declared foodstuffs and things of the first necessity earlier.

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