At the 88th meeting of the occupants "court" on the case against Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Akhtem Chiygoz, the Prosecutor could not provide any evidence of the detainee’s "guilt", the lawyer of the Mejlis Deputy Chairman Nikolai Polozov informed in a video message.

He noted that apart from the lack of evidence, the Prosecutor in the case did not ensure the presence of any witness at the court meeting.

"Today the court failed to examine any evidence that the Prosecutor had to provide on the merits, since the prosecutor did not have any evidence ... The prosecutor was not ready, she also said that she could not ensure the attendance of witnesses.”

The lawyer notified that, due to the unprepared prosecution, the "court" meeting was postponed till March 12.

Earlier, at the previous two sessions of the "trial" on the Chiygoz case, Ali Asanov and Mustafa Degermendzhi, the accused in a special case of the occupants "on participating in the rally on February 26, 2014", were summoned. Both of them testified that the Crimean Mufti Emirali Ablaev suggested that they would testify against Akhtem Chiygoz in exchange for release from the detention center.  And the investigators tried to force them admit their guilt and to slander the detained Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis. In order to interrogate the two Crimean Tatars, the "court" had to violate the procedural legislation of the Russian Federation, conferring on them the illegal status of some "other persons". Akhtem Chiyhoz has been kept in the detention center for more than two years, awaiting sentencing. At the "court" he has repeatedly stated that he does not admit his guilt and intends to fight for the truth till the end. In his messages to compatriots, Chiyhoz thanked them for their support and called "not to be afraid of anything in their native land."

PHOTO: Internet