The occupation power of the Crimea allowed Akhtem Chyigoz to see his dying mother in Bakhchysarai to say goodbye, lawyer Nikolai Polozov informed on Facebook.

 “News flash! Ahtem Chiygoz was brought to Bakhchisarai today and he was able to say goodbye to his dying mother. Thanks to everyone who helped and cared!”

Journalist Anton Naumlyuk said that during a break in today's court hearing, Chiygoz was secretly taken from the prison to Bakhchisaray, and there he was able to say goodbye to his mother. The meeting lasted 10 minutes, after which he was returned back to Simferopol.

“At this time the court session began, but it was not possible to establish the connection officially. In fact, Chiygoz was not in place. When he returned, it took another twenty minutes for him to take the medicine and pull himself together.”

Earlier QHA reported that it became known recently about serious illness of Akhtem Chiygoz's mother Alie Abduraimovna Chiygoz. The defense of Chiygoz informed that due to the rapid progression of the disease, time in this situation "counts in days" and applied to the court to allow the political prisoner to say goodbye to his mother. This appeal was rejected.

Lawyer Nikolai Polozov requested to immediately stop the inhuman, degrading treatment of human rights in relation to Akhtem Chiygoz. And seeks to achieve the opportunity for him to say goodbye to the closest person with wide publicity.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has demanded the Russian occupation authorities in the Crimea to allow the Deputy Head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Ahtem Chyigoz, who has been detained for a second year in a pretrial detention center on a fabricated charge, to meet with his seriously ill mother.

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