Activists of Yalta will demand the resignation of "the head of the city administration," Aleksei Chelpanov. They said they were dissatisfied with his work and intended to hold a rally.

According to the activist Sergey Sardyko, the event would take place in a picket format and in a venue that is not very convenient for public figures - not in the center of the city.

Sardyko stated that the townspeople decided to protest, because the authorities do not engage in a dialogue with Yalta residents on the city acute issues. As an example, Sardyko cited the situation with the draft master plan of the city. Despite the public discussion of the project, many important questions of the residents of Yalta and the villages that make up the municipality were not answered.

“People are outraged. So far, neither the developers, nor the acting chief architect, Edem Kerimov, nor Chelpanov, in the press, in the municipal newspaper have commented on how the proposed draft master plan differs from the previous one. What the new traffic intersections will be? Because now congestion is observed in the city. How many residents should live in Yalta - 300 thousand, 1 million, 2 million? Since according to the general plan, we will actually have a second Yalta built.”

Sardyko believes that the “mayor” is, first of all, the janitor, who is responsible for ensuring there is no dirt and poor sanitation on the streets.

“Garbage in Yalta is collected badly. The city is untidy.”

Chelpanov headed the “administration” of Yalta in May 2018. Previously, he worked at the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation and was an adviser to the Kremlin-controlled  head of the Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov.
Earlier, the city “authorities” of Yalta planed to extend the local embankment to the hotel complex “Yalta-Intourist”. According to the mayor of the city, the embankment will be expanded at the expense of existing shore protection structures.

Meanwhile, users of social networks complain that Yalta continues to be buried in the garbage that is scattered right on the roads of the city.

A popular scenic walking route Tsar's Path (or Solnechnaya Tropa)  located in the southern Crimea and connecting the villages of Livadia and Gaspra, and also passes through Oreanda near Yalta was turned into a landfill.
Source: Novyi Den