The "Deputy Prime Minister" of the Crimea Oleg Kazurin informed Sergei Aksenov during a working meeting, that the construction of the reservoir, developed by power-approved designer and actively supported by "acting Head of Sevastopol" Dmitry Ovsyannikov, will  cause serious damage to Crimean ecology. In particular, the diversion of water from the river Kokkozka can lead to serious flooding, the disappearance of rare flora and fauna and even the loss of water in the fissures of karst rocks.

“Neither option (of water transfer to Sevastopol), which violates the rights of the local people or violate the ecological safety of the territory of the Republic of Crimea, will not be adopted or supported. Only after a public hearing, if held, some other options will be presented and positions formed. Until then, I will be categorically against, and will not sign any document,” Aksenov said.

The self-proclaimed Crimean authorities have promised to continue discussion of options for water transfer with the residents of Bakhchisaray district. The Head of the RF Ministry of Natural Resources Sergei Donskoi promised to settle the situation as well.

Earlier QHA repeated about the problems of water supply in the settlements of Crimea. Currently the water is supplied to the homes of the peninsula on schedule with 8-10 hours breaks.

Photo: Internet