December 28, close to twenty-five Crimean Cossacks led by their Ataman Yakovlev and his Deputy Rohman raided houses of the Crimean Tatars in the village of Dolinka, Krasnoperekopsky district, the Republic of Crimea, reported Saniye Ametova, Chairman of the regional Mejlis, as cited by 15 Minut.

The reason for such Cossacks’ actions was that just before in several villages, including Dolinka, the bus stops were decorated with Ukrainian symbols and the crosswalks were painted yellow and blue.

In total, the Cossacks and the local FSB department for combating extremism visited nine houses. At the same time, according to Ametova, while the law enforcement officers behaved politely, the Cossacks talked to the owners in a rude and demanding way, tried to enter the private courtyard. One of the houses with the Crimean Tatar flag stirred their resentment.

According to Saniye Ametova, similar raids can be carried out in the neighboring villages.