Today, on February 20, the so-called Supreme Court of Crimea held a hearing against a member of one-person picket Memet Lyumanov, the human rights organization Crimean Solidarity reports. 

The so-called court canceled the fine to the Crimean Tatar activist.

According to the human rights activists, the hearing in the Lyumanov`s case began at 10:00 local time. His lawyer S. Umerov said at the trial that the procedural norms were grossly violated during the investigation.

“I referred to the plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, which recommends that, in relation to such cases, the administrative proceedings to be terminated. I want to note that the court heard us, the fine was canceled and the case was sent for a new consideration to the first instance court," the lawyer said.

Memet Lyumanov himself believes that although the fine was abolished, the case was transferred to the first instance court for retrial, which means that "still the courts not to leave me alone”  

The dauy before, on February 19, the occupiers-controlled court in the Crimea extended the arrest of a Crimean Tatar activist Ismail Ramazanov until March 18.