The judge of the Kremlin-controlled Supreme Court of Crimea Sobalyuk decided to grant the appeal of the defense of the Ukrainian activist Volodymir Balukh and revoked the decision of the Razdolnensky court of the peninsula about his arrest. Meanwhile, Balukh will stay in the pre-trial detention center until December 4.

The Razdolnensky court considered the appeal complaint of the lawyer of the Ukrainian activist Volodymir Balukh, who was left under arrest "due to the lack of changes in the justification of detention" under court decision on November 16.

A journalist Mykola Semena came to support Volodymir Balukh.

Meanwhile, it became known that journalists and activists were expelled from the courtroom.

According to the lawyer of Balukh, the permissible term of detention can not exceed 6 months from the moment of filing the case, and this term had long expired.

"Besides, Vladimir is dependent on a sick mother," he said.

In this regard, he requested the court to revoke the ruling of the Razdolnensky court and to change the measure of restraint to a milder one.

Reference: Rozdolnensky District Court extended the arrest of the Ukrainian activist until January 16, 2018. During the debate, the prosecutor stated that there had been no grounds for changing the detention, and that Balukh, while on bail, could allegedly begin to engage in "illegal activities" again.

Earlier, on August 4, the “court” sentenced Balukh to 3 years and 7 months of imprisonment in a colony of the general regime, and fined him 10 thousand rubles.

On December 8, 2016 Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation officials detained Balukh under the pretext of possession of 90 rounds of ammunition and TNT blocks in the attic of his house.

QHA reported that the occupation authorities had scheduled reviewing the appeal in the case of the Crimean journalist Mykola Semena.

The hearing will be held on December 18 at 13:00. The complaint will be considered by the "Supreme Court" of the Crimea.