On May 30, session on administrative process against Ametkhan Yusupov, who was detained on May 18 for the Crimean Tatar flag, which was on his car, took place in the court of the occupied Bakhchysarai, the activist of “Crimean solidarity” association Server Mustafayev reported in Facebook. The activist presented the chronology of the court meeting:

“14:12 We are waiting for the trial to start on the Bakhchysarai case about the flag on May 18, 2017 in the courtroom 
14:40 The defense made a motion to include a prosecutor in the process, so that the judge not to represent both the prosecution and the court
15:00 Naturally, the court declined to do so 
15:40 In general, as expected, there were two witnesses who could not determine if they had seen
Akhtem Yusupov  on May 18, and did not clearly explain how they understood that it was a column, and whether there were flags in Akhtem's car. Also, the witnesses got confused if it was Mazda 3 or 6. Protocols in the case materials also had many issues and lacks of conformity, at least in the part containing charges against Ametkhan
15:45 In consequence of abovesaid biased trial defense requested to challenge the judge, which was refused
15:51 The court went to make a decision on the administrative process over Ametkhan Shevketovich Yusupov”

As a result, Ametkhan Yusupov was fined 10 thousand rubles for the motor rally on May 18. 

Earlier, on May 18, on the Crimean Tatars Deportation Victims Remembrance Day, Russian security officials began to detain rallies activists in the occupied Crimea. They detained several people with Crimean Tatar flags in Simferopol and five cars with Crimean Tatar flags in Bakhchysarai.

PHOTO: Server Mustafayev, Facebook