Once an emergency state declared in Crimea due to a power outage is lifted, the Crimean authorities may shorten school holidays and make Saturday and Sunday regular working days, Kryminform reports citing an interview Vladimir Konstantinov, Speaker of the Crimean Parliament, gave to Rossiya Segodnya radio station.

“I’m positive businesses won’t wait for the government’s authorization to make working days into days off to make up work missed. Surely, working days need to be converted into days off so people could work until New Year holidays,” said Konstantinov.

Konstantinov went on to say that the decision would only be made if the emergency state is lifted next week.

“We will see how it works out with school holidays. Perhaps, Crimea will be accorded special status to make up for the lost time. But the decision will be made depending on which working week we will start doing that from,” he said.