Ukrainian activist Andrei Vinogradov said that following a search of the house where he and his wife live with young children and parents, he and his mother-in-law were offered to "voluntarily" resign. The activist shared this information with a Crimean Human Rights group.
Andrey Vinogradov works in a private company "Platan", selling building materials.
“My management learnt about the search and immediately offered me to resign voluntarily. At work, I was told that in 2014 they had FSB raids, and at that time work was paralyzed for two weeks. Now they [the company's management, - Ed.] do not want to risk it too,” the activist said.
Earlier QHA reported that in the morning of January 12 officers of the Federal Security Service of Russia detained a member of the Ukrainian Culture Center Andrei Vinogradov and his wife in the occupied Crimea. They were released the same day.
Photo: Internet