After the occupation of Crimea municipal and road services are in trouble, because the funding has fallen, and the result is required. Therefore, the road workers have to get out of difficulty in different ways and act in the best Russian tradition – one day they paint the grass before the arrival of Prime Minister Medvedev, another day they clean the embankment in Yalta with "economical and modern" equipment produced in Russia, instead of high-quality German one. And now the road services decided to put the roads in order in an original way.

Thus, in one of the Crimean districts the road workers are applying the markings directly onto the road surface without repairs - directly on the existing pits. The corresponding photo was published by Svezhaya Gazeta (“Fresh Newspaper”).

“Such a picture - with a dividing strip directly over the pit – appeared in a group of motorists in Crimea,” says the statement.

The photo was taken near Tabachnoe (Bakhchysarai district).

PHOTO: Svezhaya Gazeta