(QHA) -

QAVE.tv Channel devoted to Crimean Tatar culture was launched in Crimea. Head of Crimean Tatar Qardashliq NGO Asan Emirsaliev announced this to QHA.

“For a long time we have planned creation of a channel that would gather all the information about Crimean Tatar culture, history and all the information that will help in creation of national self-actualization”- Emirsaliev said.

“The project will be implemented in the format of public television, format that is wide spread in Europe. There are no concrete sponsors, the channel is financed by donations”- he noted.

“It is not a business. Our creative team is trying to be independent in performing their mission, the mission of popularizing Crimean Tatar culture, history and language”- Emirsaliev explained.

Among 3 issues that are implemented within the project there are Crimean Tatar video lessons, lectures on Crimean history and literature reading. 2 more issues are to be launched soon.