Russian companies will be tasked with building roads in Crimea as local contractors can not cope with that, says the so-called head of Crimea Sergei Aksenov.

“Ineffectiveness of the Crimean road contractors will be replaced with the large companies from other Russian regions. By the end of this year, the market should be cleaned from those who do not cope. It is better then to invite the major players from the mainland ... At least we will be sure that they are market system operators who are able to fulfill any warranty obligations,” he said.

Rosavtodor (Russian Federal Road Agency) sent expert groups for monthly monitoring the road works in Crimea. The results will be reported to the Minister of Transport of Russia.

Earlier the illegitimate head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov demanded the Ministry of Transport of the Republic to establish a daily monitoring of the road works due to unwillingness of the contractors to work at night.

Photo: Internet