Sevastopol city authorities approved the state program on Cossacks’ development in the region until 2020. Thus, the occupants will allocate 88 million rubles for Sevastopol Cossacks. According to an official document, posted on the website of the Sevastopol government, the program aims to create a "system of cooperation between regional authorities, government and Sevastopol Cossacks."

Under the program adopted, Cossacks of Sevastopol will be brought in the state and military service, protect the public order and help to improve the security in the region. It’s also planned to create khutors (a type of rural locality in some countries) and villages for Cossacks.

Members of the Cossack organizations will be assisted in the purchase and construction of housing. Moreover, it is planned to create cossacks’ classes and a special Cossack Cadet Corps at schools.

Thus, the occupiers prefer to allocate funds for the organizations that will promote the idea of the "Russian world", rather than changing the situation with the city medicine for the better.