At the meeting on water serviced in the annexed Crimea, the Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia Sergey Donskoy instructed the competent bodies of the so-called Crimean authorities to strengthen control over water consumption on the peninsula, Russian journalists quote him as saying. 

“All unauthorized tapping and use (of water - Ed.) without contracts should be terminated. Moreover, I’ll come forward with the initiative to the government to launch inspections here, so as not to trigger the situation (related to water supply in Crimea - Ed.). Last year, it had been balanced,” the Minister said.

Donskoy went on to say that since there is a shortage of water in Crimea, the water users should realize "water is worthy gold, and it must be treated appropriately."

The Minister admitted that the water situation in the occupied peninsula is objectively worse than the last year.

“Primarily due to the fact that rainfall was lower than in previous years, and Roshydromet does not expect increase of precipitation in the fall,” said Donskoy.

Just a reminder: Ukraine has stopped supplying water through the North-Crimean Canal to Crimea in April 2014, shortly after the annexation of the peninsula by Russia.

Ukraine used to provide 85% of the Crimean water needs through the North Crimean-Canal, supplying the Dnieper water to the peninsula. 

Photo: Internet