Yesterday, September 4, Aleksandr Strekalin died in the 6th city hospital of the city of Simferopol . The former Deputy Mayor of Yalta set himself ablaze in protest against the demolition of his cafes, an expert of "Maidan of Foreign Affairs," Andrei Klimenko, reported on Facebook.

The owner of the cafe "Old Hottabych," located at the Seaside beach, Alexander Strekalin doused himself with gasoline and set himself ablaze after the threat to destroy his business. Strekalin got in the way of a local official Temerlan Dzhazaev and affiliated private entities. Strekalin is the former Afghan soldier. His wife is of Crimean Tatar origin. The tragedy occurred on the morning of September 2, when new owners of the Primorsky beach once again came to Strekalin threatening to pull down his cafe. The Primorsky beach was transferred to a private Moscow company "Jaguar" by a Gauleiter of the city of Yalta Mr. Rostenko, wrote Klimenko.

September, 2 an elderly resident of the city of Yalta also committed act of self-immolation. The accident happened at around 10 a.m. at the entrance to the Sea Garden. Prior to setting himself ablaze, the Yalta citizen wrote a note and put the video on the Internet.

Photo: Internet