A Crimean journalist Valentina Vorobyova shared the details of the court hearing on her Facebook account:

“Following 2.5 hours in the conference room, the Railway Court of Crimea made a decision to impose a fine of 1000 rubles on a Simferopol anarchist Alexey Shestakovich. He was accused of posting a video recording, declared extremist ("The last video of the guys from the Primorsky Partisans") in a social network VKontakte in 2010.

"E" Center officer told the court that Shestakovich was stopped by the "Center" officials, as they thought he was intoxicated. Moreover, in his opinion, Shestakovich was involved in radical left movement and painting stencil graffiti calling to boycott the elections. September 17, the Crimean "Center for extremism counteraction" has initiated administrative proceedings. September 18, the officers interrogated the anarchist and later on September 20, invited Shestakovich to the court,” informs the source.

At the hearing Shestakovich declared himself a "citizen of the world", in response to the judge's question on citizenship. The accused has only the Ukrainian passport, and he did not obtain the Russian one.

Lawyer Alexander Popkov said that the case is politically motivated, as Shestakovich is one of the few activists who have remained on the peninsula. He held a rally in support of anarchists, including another Crimean resident Alexander Kolchenko.

The judge refused to postpone consideration of the case, not allowing the defense to prepare and rejected the application request, including those for photo and video footage.

To avoid such precedents in future, Crimeans are advised to clean their accounts in the social network VKontakte from pro-Ukrainian posts and materials.

Photo: Internet