Head of the Sea Park received 2 million rubles, which is enough to feed the dolphins and sea lions for a while.

“We do not have money to feed the animals. This problem occurred, as the Russian legal field has no concept of the sublease, which we used until 2014. Now we operate in the following way, all of our earnings, and that is 20 million this season, go to the State Unitary Enterprise "Center of effective use of city property." We were promised to have 80 percent of our earnings, and got only 2.5 million,” said the scientific director of the dolphinarium Alexander Zhbanov.

He noted that the white whale was bought five years ago in the Okhotsk Sea for the big money.

In response to the Zhbanov’s statement, the invaders protege - the director of the State Unitary Enterprise "Center of effective use of city property" Alexander Parfenyuk expressed bewilderment at the fact that the dolphinarium had to take such measures.

“Frankly, I find it difficult to understand the actions of the dolphinarium staff. Every month we make an agreement under which we pay Animals rent which is RUB 455,000 and buy the food, it is about RUB 500,000 thousand. Since the beginning of the season, we have fulfilled all of the obligations. The money was transferred under all contracts. But yesterday dolphinarium staff stated that they no longer want to give us animals for rent. They say they have no money for food. How could it be, if we pay?! And this month we are ready to pay if Dolphinarium extend the animals rent.”

Parfenyuk said that the SUE is ready to pay the salaries of employees of the dolphinarium, to care for the animals, but people do not want to work there. He noted that they have funds for the maintenance of the dolphinarium, but the money will be released in stages.

However dolphinarium workers claim that the alleged funds for the maintenance of the animals and staff salaries do not correspond to reality.

Sevastopol dolphinarium was not operating for a long time after Russian occupation of the Crimea because of a conflict between the management and the owners of premises that emerged due to the absence of sublease contracts in the Russian legislation. The illegitimate ex-governor Sergey Menyailo had to intervene to resolve the conflict.

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