Umer Emiramzayev was placed in the hospital after Russian law enforcers searched his home in the village of Kirovskoe the day before, his friends reported in social networks.

“Umer was hospitalized and put on medication. We hope that everything will be fine, InShaAllah," Dilyaver Shishmanov wrote on Facebook.

Previously, August 9 at 07:30, the house of Imam Umer Emiramzaev, who lives in Kirovskoye, 21 Suv bashi St., was searched. FSB officers seized Islamic literature and computer equipment.

During the search, Emiramzaev who had suffered a stroke and surgery to remove the tumor, and was also sick with the malformation of the cerebral vessels, became very ill, but doctors were not allowed to him for a long time. Later he was taken to the hospital in the town of Stary Krym.

Earlier, QHA reported that in the morning of August 10 in the village of Novoklenovo in Belogorsky district of Crimea, security forces had blocked one of the streets, where a search was cundected in the houses of a Crimean Tatar.

PHOTO: Internet