Institute of Mass Information in the annual survey "Freedom of Speech Barometer" published a report on violations of freedom of speech in Ukraine and its occupied territories.

31 cases of violations of freedom of speech were recorded in the Russia-annexed Crimea in 2016, and it is not much less than last year (43 cases). Media and journalists on the peninsula were suppressed by the Russian special services, Roskomnadzor and the Crimean occupation government as well as last year. So, the FSB accused the Crimean journalist Nikolai Semena of a criminal offense provided for by paragraph 2 of Article 280.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Public calls for actions aimed at violation of the territorial integrity." During the interrogation of the FSB, Semena said that he considered "the issue of the Crimea belonging to Russia debatable" and "exercised his right to express his opinions" in his journalistic article.

As of December 27, on the non-occupied territory of Ukraine, 262 cases of violations of freedom of speech were recorded, which is about 15% less than last year (in 2015, IMI recorded 310 violations of freedom of speech in Ukraine, in 2014 - 995 cases).

Categories in which the most violations recorded, were impeding the legitimate professional activities of journalists. The second largest number of cases is the assaults and attacks on journalists. The top three also include threats and intimidation of journalists and restrictions on access to public information.

In the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions IMI managed to record 12 cases of violations of freedom to expression, given the limited access to the area. In particular, obstructing the broadcast of Ukrainian TV channels and websites.

Photo: Internet