The so-called "Supreme Court" of Crimea dismissed the appeal of the Ukrainian activist’s lawyer against the Razdolnensky District Court decision on groundlessly extending the detention as a preventive measure for the Crimean farmer Vladimir Baluh. The period of remand in custody is the same, until August 21, Dmitry Dinze reports.

The lawyer noted that the complex examination in the case probably would not be completed before the trial maximum period allowed.

“Despite the rational arguments of the lawyers and the absence of arguments from the prosecutor, the court upheld the decision of the Razdolnensky Court (to remain Vladimir in custody). Crimean farmer Vladimir Balukh has been  groundlessly detained in Simferopol remand prison for six months. Because of political repression and judicial arbitrariness towards Vladimir, the fields he cultivated remained unsown and covered with weeds, and his elderly mother, who needs care for health reasons, is deprived of the help of her only son.”

Earlier, Baluh said that the remand prison staff had insulted him for he made no secret of his ethnicity.

Reference: On December 8 FSB officials in occupied Crimea came to Serebryanka village where they searched houses of Vladimir Baluh and his mother. Following the search, the Ukrainian activist was detained for the possession of 90 rounds of ammunition and TNT blocks, allegedly found in the attic of his house.

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