Participants of All-Ukrainian I congress of Crimean IDPs (internally displaced persons) drew up a list of demands to Ukraine authorities and called for help of international community.

This was proclaimed at the press-conference in Kyiv, May 27, Krim.Realii reports.

The refugees demanded Russia to revoke all the normative acts that “govern the annexation of Crimea” and demanded Ukrainian authorities to protect the rights and freedoms of Crimea refugees.

They also called on United Nations High Commission for Refugees, International Committee of the Red Cross and the International Organization for Migration to consider the Crimean IDPs as “internal displaced persons and special group to provide aid and assistance.”

In adopted resolution refugees also called on Ukrainian President and the Parliament to adopt draft laws on protection of rights of refuges and laws that determine the legal mechanism of allocating land plots, subsidies and credits for house-building.

“We consider the enforcement of rights and a freedom of Crimean refugees in the obligation of Ukraine authorities, as Crimea is a part of Ukraine”- the resolution summed up. 

To recall, thousands of Crimea rezidents left the region for mainland Ukraine, after the peninsula's annexation in March.