In Feodosia people use rainwater since the accident at the plumbing left the city without water. The corresponding video was posted on YouTube.

The author of the video stresses there is no water in the city all day long. Therefore people come up with different ideas to get out of the situation: someone collects water from storm drains, someone leaves a bucket on the balcony.

The authorities said that the accident occurred at the central water pipeline.

The reaction of social network users was not long in coming. Many people reproach those Crimean residents who were glad about Russia’s occupation of Crimea that led to this sad state of things.

"We only hope that stones won’t start falling from the sky while we collect the water ", "There is no water and will not be. You hang in there. Best wishes! Cheers! Take care! "," We have joined the Great energy superstate,” users comment on YouTube video.

Photo: screenshot from the video