Volunteers and relatives of the Ukrainian volunteer Evheniy Panov, who is held under arrest in occupied Simferopol, recorded a video message to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The video recording was published on the “EuroMaydan SOS” page.

The volunteers noted that on June 6, Evheniy Panov celebrated his 40th birthday, and he had to spend his jubilee behind bars.

“A few days ago, the occupying court in Simferopol extended his arrest until August 7. On the day of his birth, the relatives and volunteers of “EuroMaydan SOS”, who have been campaigning for “Let My People Go Ukraine” for the third year, adressed  Vladimir Putin with an open video message”

"Euromaydan SOS" recalled that Evheniy Panov was detained in the Crimea during  the night of 6 to 7 August last year. Andriy Zahtey, who worked as a taxi driver in Simferopol, was detained along with him. Both of them were tortured for several days, electric current was conducted through their bodies and they were threatened with sexual violence.

The Russian Federal Security Service reported on detention of the Ukrainians only on the fourth day. Evheniy Panov was charged with plotting terrorist acts as a member of the nonexistent sabotage group. Under tortures he had to testify against himself and denied these evidences during the trial. 

Earlier QHA reported that on June 2, the illegitimate Kyiv Simferopol District Court extended Evheniy Panov’s arrest for two months.

PHOTO: Internet