The Crimean Tatar cafe "Hoshkeldy" (Welcome) was demolished on Victory Avenue, 317, in Simferopol.

The building about 300 square meters functioned for several years.

According to the deputy head of the "Trade and Consumer Services of population Administration" Suzanne Azamatova, the public catering facility did not have documents for land renting and documents registred in non-residential commercial facilities (NTO).

“On this basis a decree on the demolishing was issued. The owner was given time for independent demolition. Thus, all the procedures under the legislation have been observed," said Azamatova.

As QHA reported, a shop was demolished at the Kamenka micro-region in Simferopol. Local "authorities" reported that the owners did not have appropriate documents for work permition. City residents wrote in social media that the "city administration" even did not offer the owners to legalize their commercial facility.

Source: Avdet