In the occupied Crimea, an elderly Crimean Tatar woman with renal colic attack was discharged from the hospital because of her refusal to take part in voting at the illegal presidential elections in Russia, which took place on March 18.

The woman reported, that on March 16 she got into the surgical department of the hospital in the village of Sovietskyi with an attack of acute pain in the kidney area.

“On Sunday, a doctor came into our room, the head of the department - Vasily Lazarevich Doroshenko. He asked the patients who will take part in the elections. Approaching me, he asked if I would vote, to which I said that I would not, although I respect the doctor, but I cannot cross myself," the woman said.

In response, the doctor said that he will step over himself either and instructed to discharge the patient.

"I was discharged from the hospital early this morning because I did not go to the polls," she said.

The woman intends to complain to the relevant authority for the arbitrariness of the doctor.

Earlier, the Head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, People's Deputy of Ukraine Refat Chubarov published an appeal to the Crimean Tatars on his Facebook page, in which he thanked them for boycotting the illegal presidential elections in the annexed Crimea on March 18.