(QHA) -

Association for Culture and Mutual Assistance of Crimean Tatars (Dernek) has issued a statement demanding the restoration of the rights of Crimean Tatars and standing for territorial integrity of Ukraine.

“Crimean Tatars, being the indigenous people of Crimea and the owners of their Homeland, do not recognize the annexation of Crimea. From the very beginning of the events in Crimea till nowadays representatives of Crimean Tatar diaspora in Turkey have been holding rallies, meetings and conferences, standing against the recent events and criticizing the fact of dragging the international law in the mire, as it threatens centuries-old property in diplomacy”- reads the statement.

The statement comes days after little-know Turkish NGO representative Unver Sel arrived to Crimean capital Simferopol and announced Crimean Tatar diaspora praised Crimean annexation.

“There are some impostors who pretend official representatives of Crimean Tatar diaspora in Turkey. They are social outcasts in their sphere”- is noted in the statement. Many-million Crimean Tatar diaspora in Turkey informs the international community that we despise such kind of renegades and condemn their brazen lie”.

“We, the undersigned, representatives of Crimean Tatar NGOs in Turkey declare that we will never recognize the annexation of Crimea. We demand the restoration of Crimean Tatars’ rights on their Homeland and demand territorial integrity of Ukraine”- the statement summed up.