Rustem Vaitov, charged in the fabricated case of Hizb ut-Tahrir in the Russian-occupied Crimea, is being subjected to repressive measures by the staff of the Kurgan colony, where he is serving a sentence. Public activist Yana Goncharova shared the information on Facebook, after members of the public monitoring commission in the Kurgan region visited Vaitov on April 6.

They have learned that the Crimean Tatar was twice put in a punishment cell for refusing to denounce. In addition, the Russians intend to grant him the passport of a Russian citizen against his will.

“Rustem was twice put in the punishment cell. He made it clear to the public monitoring commission that in this way he was "punished" for refuse to "squealing". In addition, it is known that they are trying to grant him a Russian passport.”

The human rights activist noted that after the third expulsion to the punishment cell, Vaitov may be put to a single chamber-type room. According to the official documents of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, a single chamber-type room is ment for "isolating the convicts who actively counter the administration of the correctional labour institutions in ensuring law and order". It is noted that in reality, putting to the single chamber-type room creates an opportunity for penitentiary workers to act beyond the norms of the law, without any control.

The activist expressed her hope that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine will pay attention to the repressive actions of Russian law enforcement officers against the Ukrainian citizen and send Consular officers to communicate with him and provide possible assistance.

Reference: Crimean Tatars Ruslan Zeitullaev, Rustem Vaitov, Nuri Primov and Ferat Sayfullaev were accused of creating and participating in the Sevastopol cell of organization Hizb ut-Tahrir. The prosecutor asked for 17 years of imprisonment for Zeytullaev as an organizer of the cell and eight years for the others. The North Caucasian Military District Court sentenced Ruslan Zeytullaev to seven years, and Rustem Vaitov, Nuri Primova and Ferat Sayfullaev were sentenced to five years.

On February 17, the Crimean Tatar citizen of Ukraine Rustem Vaitov was transferred to the colony No. 1 of the city of Kurgan in the Urals Federal District of Russia.

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