August, 25 the ethnic restaurant "Alem"is to host an evening of modern Crimean Tatar poetry. Two poetesses Maye Safet and Emine Usein will tell you about the intricacies of contemporary art of versification.

Poetry has many faces, and modern poetry - even more. Two men will perform at the event, different in all - in creativity, temperament, outlook. The authors will demonstrate the radically different styles and approaches, says a statement on Qardaslıq site.

The literary evening will be held in the framework of a new project on the Crimean Tatar literature. The purpose of the latter is to acquaint students with the classics of the Crimean Tatar literature.

The project has been launched by a social organization "Kardashlyk" jointly with the Crimean Tatar poets and the Alem restaurant.

The event is due to be held in the city of Simferopol, at Str. Ozenbash 1a, "Alem" restaurants. We invite everyone, it will be interesting!

Photo: Internet